Dzień dobry! Miłego popołudnia!

Dzień dobry!

Miłego popołudnia!

A whopper of a breakfast sandwich combining several cultures—a deconstructed Reuben (minus the sauerkraut) with pastrami, out of Swiss so used mozzarella cheese, mayo and mustard on the rye toast with a flat scrambled egg pancake folded over in the second layer. Pickled plums and a mystery ingredient (for you to guess) add just the right tang/tart along with the green onion. New birthday cup and saucer making their appearance—from Pottery Barn. Forgot to mention the green plate/bowl from yesterday’s egg and salmon pasta is part of the same place setting. 58°F.


  1. Steve

    Great presentation!

    Where to and how would one take the first bite?

    • Ditto!

      • Judith

        Ahh…the challenge. Just start nibbling around the edges and work your way in. I needed to leave the toothpick in until the last minute.

  2. Never knew there was such a thing as a pickled plum! Are they sweet like beets?
    No idea about the secret ingredient… do tell!

    • Judith

      Aka umeboshi—the pickled plums. Tart and piquant. Nice counterpoint. The mystery relish is beet horseradish.

  3. My kind of knife & fork sandwich … More please …Great colors …

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